Smart City Alliance: How Does It Work?

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    Launching a call for projects

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    Selection of candidates

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    Submission of tenders

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    Let's go !

Each territory has its DNA, its history, its local specificities. The innovations of the “connected city” will revolutionize urban lifestyles. This development will be achieved through:

  • those who give the impetus of new cities,
  • those who innovate to improve life,
  • those who support the projects with their experience.


Cities, SEM, Communities, Planners, Associations:

Log in and set the innovations to be developed on an area, a city, a neighborhood.


Project selection:

1. The objective is in line with the spirit of Partagerlaville

Environmentally and leading to practical applications serving the residents in the areas identified: green city services to residents, mobility, security, connected objects, intelligent lighting and citizen participation.

2. You pass :

  • The description of the territory,
  • The project description you want to develop, the technology that it uses, uses that you want to apply,
  • Technical and legal framework, with the insertion of the settlement call for your project,
  • The selection process, steps and selection procedures,
  • Your commitment on success (communication, signing a contract …).

3. Mentor with you

It supports your call for projects, helps you define it as appropriate, and is committed to supporting innovative companies that meet there.

You have detected a project that your innovations are applicable.

1. You sign up on the platform for the project you have chosen, you pass:

  • A description of your innovation
  • A description of your company, and you want to meet single or “Group” with other actors.

2. Partagerlaville study the economic viability of your overall project, and integrate as appropriate in a consortium bid. You must provide prior to selection by the Project Launcher:

  • a projected income statement over 3 years
  • a cash plan
  • a financial plan detailing all the funding sources: self-financing, subsidies, bank loans, private investors, guaranteed.
  • For existing businesses, the last three balance sheets and income statements will be analyzed.

If needed, POS Invest will help you finance your deployment.

Reference Company or Association in an area identified by Partagerlaville, you support the Project Launcher, or innovative companies that respond to calls for projects. You bring your experience and technical validation, operational and / or financial assistance projects to enable them concrete progress, project by project, in the territories.

You give your opinion upstream from the installation of the project, you participate in dialogues with candidates, you participate in the selection panel.

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