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© SOA-architectes



Massy is a green and dynamic city, with over 160 hectares of green spaces and 367 associations. Third largest city in Essonne with over 43,700 inhabitants, today it is served by the RER B and C, a TGV station, main roads (A10, A6, D118, N20) and is located near Orly airport. At the heart of a communication node and with many public infrastructures, the city has become a major economic center of the Ile-de-France attracting large companies such as Alstom, Thales, Carrefour …

Massy is also the southern gate of the Grand Paris and will benefit in this respect from the train-tram. Anticipating the city changes through its public developer, the SEMMASSY has launched many urban development projects including Massy Atlantis project, Franciades Opera and Vilmorin district. The call for proposals is linked with a real estate program neighborhood Vilmorin.


Vilmorin district:

Set within the grounds of the old nursery Vilmorin close to the RER C station, the neighborhood Vilmorin has been designed to create a residential felt favorably by both existing residents and by those to come. The urbanization of land Vilmorin aims to realize the construction of a joint program focused primarily on the construction of housing and shops, not excluding the host of tertiary activities, and leisure; a program whose density takes into account the proximity of the cluster of stations and surrounding residential neighborhoods. Particular attention was paid to public spaces with the construction of various public spaces linked together:

  • Public gardens created from east to west of the district and leading to a green amphitheater (need for retention)
  • An avenue opening on an urban site and animated by proximities of businesses located on the ground floor of the buildings

The SEMMASSY wanted to put nature at the heart of the city in order to create spaces facilitating exchanges between the inhabitants. This first urban agriculture initiative on roofs is a pilot project that can be replicated in the future.

© SOA-architectes
© SOA-architectes

DReAM is the owner of that property development located in the Vilmorin neighborhood. This project is aligned with the search for the well-being of people through green public areas favoring community life. The team’s wishes to allow future residents “to live in the sky, to inhabit the body of the buildings and inhabit the floor” translate into several special features regarding the assembly. This project of about 7550m² SDP will include 112 apartments distributed in 3 buildings. Fragmentation of “living areas” in different sizes allows, despite the significant size of the operation, to live in a “small community”. Flat roofs are habitable with private and shared spaces. The program meets the requirements of the RT 2012 and H & E certification.


Reintegrating agriculture in the city and improving the lives of the community in buildings by exploiting Rooftop cultures. The design of a 100m² shared garden on the flat roofs of the buildings will help to develop social ties between the occupants.

  • edible vegetation (vegetables & shrubs) as part of an collaborative economy (recycling, alternative consumption)
  • creating an ecosystem favorable to the recolonisation of a natural fauna (bees, birds ….) and / or a mini farm (hen …)
  • involvement of users / residents of buildings (participation in harvesting, gardening lessons, …).

Enhancing the resources of the building: the proposed innovations should enable the development of local resources by incorporating:

  • recovery of waste: substrates and community composting
  • rainwater collection on the roof


DReAM is a company dedicated to careers in real estate offices, activities, shops and housing in new but also in rehabilitation.

DReAM agrees by registering its activities in a sustainable development approach, to continuously improve the quality of its projects. Innovation is a common value shared by all employees of DReAM. This mindset allows the company to anticipate changes in its environment, to rethink and propose new solutions. A dream come true every day through the revision of our business, our customers and partners approach. These values ​​through each of our projects, are our signature.



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The SEMMASSY: created in 1983 to meet the operational needs of the City of Massy, ​​we have since developed a policy focused on urban quality of life, livability and contemporary architecture. It now allows us to provide a specific response to the new challenges of development and construction in the territories where we operate. Because we consider that what relates to the city must give envy, pleasure and quality, we make the most of our Local Public Enterprise status to combine responsiveness, economic performance and general interest.

RVB de base

ARCHITECTS leading SOA architecture conducts projects and researches about two major topics: Agricultural and Urban Habitat.

Our production is however marked by three major wishes:

  • To develop a strong theoretical approach based on a work of architectural and sociological analysis.
  • To deepen architectural and urban design in an innovative and respectful of the context way.
  • To apply an environmental and fair approach from the earliest sketches.

The agency puts into practice its contextual and specific approaches with each territory and program.

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Launcher: SEMMASSY and DReAM
Mentor: N/A
Location: Massy
Building Delivery : Second semester of 2017
Field of activities : Green and sustainable city, Ingenious collectivities, Services for the residents
Status : Finished study