Who are we?

Partagerlaville gathers and unites around its platform actors involved in the deployment of innovations and technologies, starting from the needs and precise specifications in a city or territory.

From the world of innovation and real estate financing, we propose to organize the dissemination of innovations in town planning and the access to the realization of projects:

  • Upstream work for the launch and management of “Calls for proposals” from the launchers’ project specifications and their needs in terms of possible applications and services.
  • Sourcing of start-ups, SME and technologies from laboratories of excellence to meet these needs.
  • Evaluation and expertise of these technologies through a network of expert partners.
  • Structuring of public and private financing to accelerate the deployment of these innovations in the cities.
  • Communication of the projects through our social media and partner’s network.


We want to contribute to the development of smart, sustainable, innovative and collaborative cities, serving the men and women who inhabit them.

Sharing the city, because everyone is concerned:

  • Those who give the impetus of new cities
  • Those who innovate to improve life
  • Those who build buildings and neighborhoods
  • Those who live and use the innovations

The founders of Partager la Ville